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Case Study ReportIn completing this assignment, you are expected to use available resources such as the practical activities in the study modules, the Course Study Desk

Applicable course objective:

- apply ethical research and inquiry skills and demonstrate an understanding of the social impact of information technology and the need for security, privacy and ethical implications in information systems usage;

- demonstrate problem-solving skills by identifying and resolving issues relating to information systems and their components, and proficiently utilise different types of information systems software (especially gaining proficiency in utilising databases, spreadsheets, and presentation applications).

- apply academic and professional literacy skills and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of and differences between information and computer literacy; the basic types of software including system software (operating systems and utilities) and applications software (proprietary, off-the-shelf software applications and cloud computing); the basic hardware components of a computer system, including system unit, storage, input and output devices and the way that they interact to form a single computing system; understanding computer-based telecommunications and networking concepts; the basic concepts surrounding databases, database management systems and understanding the need for information management; the concepts surrounding the Internet, e-commerce/e-business and supply chain activities, and business intelligence, knowledge management and other business information system tools (TPSs, ERPs, MISs, DSSs etc) widely used in organisations today; and the processes involved in information system project management;

- apply written communication skills by understanding basic information, communication and technology (ICT) terminology for effective communication and applying it within a business environment.

Applicable graduate qualities and skills gained from this assessment instrument:

- Problem Solving (Skill U2)

- Written & Oral Communication (Skill U4)

This assignment is quite complex, and exposes you to many different components in Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013, some or all of which might be very unfamiliar to you. The assignment description provides some explanation of how to use these components, but you are also expected to use available resources such as Online Help and the course discussion forums, as well as exploring and experimenting on your own.

References are required and the Harvard AGPS standard of referencing must be used.

Plagiarism, collusion and cheating will be severely penalised. Refer to the USQ Policy Library for more details:
- Academic Integrity Policy
- Academic Integrity Procedure
Ensure that your reports are fully referenced, including any reference to the text book. Your report should include in-text references and a List of References.
Do not repeat verbatim large slabs of information from other sources such as the text - you must put the ideas/information in your own words.

Task 1: Journal (500 words)

Prepare a journal that records your activities and progress related to completing this assignment. In date order, clearly list the following:

- Date of research activity/discussion

- Full description of research activity / discussion (at least 25 words)

- List of all appropriate web sites visited to collect information; other references accessed (using Harvard AGPS Referencing style - submitted separate to the List of References in Task 2).

- Time duration of the activity
Submit this journal as an appendix to Task 2(after the List of References and include in the Table of Contents).
Any references to web pages and online documents, such as white papers, should be listed at the end of the journal.

Task 2: Case study (max. 4,500 words)

Report Structure and Presentation

Your report should include a professional title page, computer generated Table of Contents (including List of Tables and List of Figures) and Appendices.

Note: Make sure to state the names of all students involved in the report on the title page.

Report Letter of Transmittal, Executive Summary and Introduction 5%

Your report should include a letter of transmittal, executive summary, and introduction to the report.

Report Section 1 - Business Strategy

What Information Technology Strategies should the Business consider to obtain / retain competitive advantage in their marketspace?
- Using Porter's Five Forces Model, discuss how each of the five forces relates to Dr Nikola Tesla's business.

- What should be the business's focus? Discuss the business's focus in relation to Porter's Three Generic Strategies.

- What are the benefits to the business of Supply Chain Management and the types of metrics should the business be using to measure the performance of their Supply Chain Management.

- Discuss what are the Upstream and Downstream steps involved in the business's Supply Chain Management.
o Include a diagram of the business's current Supply Chain based on the information you have from Assignment 1, 2 and 3.
(Use Baltzan et al Chapters 1 & 9 Section 2 - Business Information Systems / Enterprise Information Systems: SCM)

Report Section 2 - E-Business and Mobile Business

How can the business move from mail order to being an online presence?

- What are the benefits and challenges that the business should be aware of before becoming an e-business?

- What are the characteristics of Web / Business 2.0? How should the business address these characteristics when setting themselves up as an e-business?

- Which type(s) of e-business model(s) should the business be considering implementing? Why?

- What type of e-commerce tools should the business consider utilising to connect and communicate with their customers? Why?

- What tools should the business use to measure their e-business success?

- Should the business also consider implementing m-business? What are the benefits and challenges Dr Nikola Teslawill need to be aware of?

(Use Baltzan et al Chapters 2 & 3 - A Brave New Connected World / E-Business & Mobile Business to assist you in answering this topic)
Report Section 3 - Enterprise Architecture 10%
What are the benefits to the business of a solid enterprise architecture?

- How should the business maintain and secure its information architecture to support its business operations? Propose the steps that the business should follow.

- Before Dr Nikola Tesla acquires the hardware, software and networking infrastructureproposed in part 2, outline the seven (7) primary characteristics of a solid infrastructure architecture he should be aware of and how they may impact on the business.

- Cloud computing offers an alternative to some of the infrastructure architecture proposed in part 2.

o How could cloud computing be utilised to reduce the acquisition costs for the hardware, software and networking infrastructure to the business?
o What would be the benefits and challenges of these emerging cloud services to the Dr Nikola Tesla's business?
(Use Baltzan et al Chapter 7 Section 1 - Enterprise Architecture to assist you in answering this topic) 

Report Section 4 - Customer Relationship Management

What would be the benefits to the business of implementing a customer relationship management system?

- How could the business support its customer facing day-to-day operations through the use of an operational customer relationship management system for marketing?

- How could the business support its customer facing day-to-day operations through the use of an operational customer relationship management system for sales?

- How could the business support its customer facing day-to-day operations through the use of an operational customer relationship management system for customer service?

- In what different ways could Dr Nikola Tesla use metrics from the business's customer relationship management systems to track and monitor performance for sales, service and marketing.
(Use Baltzan et al Chapter 10 Section 1 -Enterprise Information Systems: CRM to assist you in answering this topic)
Report Section 5 - Privacy 10%
What privacy issues should the business be aware of when embarking on an online presence?

- What Australian laws should Dr Nikola Tesla be aware of regarding privacy? How do these laws affect how the business collects and uses information collected from its customers?

- How should the business communicate its commitment to the privacy of customers? Provide two (2) examples of how similar businesses achieve this communication of commitment of customer privacy.

- As the business's potential client base is international, what other global information privacy issues should Dr Nikola Tesla be aware of?

Reference no: EM131134749

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