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As discussed in the text, it often is possible to use a theoretical distribution as an approx imation of the distribution of some sample data. It is always important, however, to check to make sure that your data really do fit the distribution you propose to use.

Consider the halfway-house data again. We calculated the sample mean x- = 380.4 and the sample standard deviation s = 217.6. Taking these as approximately equal to μ and σ, use the Z table in Appendix E to find normal cumulative probabilities for dollar costs of 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700. How do these theoretical normal probabilities compare with the data-based probabilities from the CDF in Figure 10.4? Do you think that the normal distribution is an appropriate distribution to use in this case? You might sketch the normal distribution CDF and superimpose it on Figure 10.4 to obtain a visual feel for how the normal distribution fits the data.

Reference no: EM13981676

Accurate interpretation of the situation

Advertising coefficient is 200 and t stat is 1.75. Which of the following statements is an accurate interpretation of the situation when using an alpha of .10

Oshkosh school system

Flu cases this past season in the Oshkosh school system were about 15 per week. For the entire state, the weekly average is 16 and the standard deviation, 2.35.

Test for equality of average price

Toys are entering the virtual world, and Mattel recently developed a digital version of its famous Barbie.- Test for equality of average price using the 0.05 level of signific

What is the probability that a randomly selected hrm

what is the probability that a randomly selected human resource manager received over $100,000 in 2007 and what is the probability that the sample mean annual salary falls bet

Conduct a one tailed test

Conduct a one-tailed test aimed at proving that the percentage of popular recommendation of physicians is larger in small towns than in large metropolitan areas. Use α = 0.0

Motivation and creativity

Use a statistical computer package to compute the randomization test's two-sided p-value for testing whether the treatment effect is zero for the data in Section 1.1.1 (file

Define the population of interest

The National Park Service has started charging a user fee to park at selected trailheads and crosscountry ski lots. Some users object to this fee, claiming they already pay

What is the expected value of the game

Tom and Jim decided to play the following game for points. A single die is rolled. If it shows a non-prime number, Tom receives points equal to two times the number of dots


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