Image smoothing with gaussian masks and c++

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Implement the image smoothing utilizing the convolution with Gaussian masks with C++. You must utilize 2 input images which are pgm files. First, implement 2D Gaussian convolution utilizing the 1D Gaussian masks. Codes for reading and writing the pgm images as well as for producing the Gaussian mask are available within the attachment to this assignment. For comparison purposes, also implement the 2D Gaussian convolution using 2D Gaussian masks.

Reference no: EM1318473

Developing the sequential circuit

Develop a sequential circuit which can detect two or more consecutive 1's in a stream of the input bits. Specifically, if last two bits in sequence were 1, the circuit must

Tools that help in the attack

When initially collecting the information on a network, that reconnaissance tool or method do you believe would generate the best results include what information could you

Creating a static method

Write down a static method, getBigWords, which takes a String parameter and returns an array whose elements are words in the parameter that consists of more than 5 letters.

Comparing relative speed of lan and wan between sites

ABC Corporation employs 40,00 people along with their own associated IP addresses, and operates over the 400 serversDescribe how the relative speed of 100BaseT LANs used at ea

Security policies for windows and linux user accounts

State some of the security policies for both the Windows and the Linux user accounts you may describe to protect against someone learning the administrator passwords.

Creating program that accepts infix expression as input

The left and right sub trees of an operator explain a sub expression that is evaluated and utilized as one of the operands for operator. Write down a program that inputs an

Preparing a copy of hard drive

After we have the target media prepared and assembled along with all our tools assembled for investigation we should now make a copy of hard drive.

Collection of the volatile data for investigation

Discuss with others what kinds of the data are considered volatile and the methods through which the investigators should collect and preserve the volatile data. Recognize t


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