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Q. A local restaurant has a 80 percent customer retention rate. Their accounting department estimates incremental contribution to profit also overhead as 30 percent. On average, customers dine at restaurant every two months with a spending of $40 per visit. Determine average value of a loyal customer.

Q. Compute raw material price also usage (quantity) variance also direct labour quantity variance for Milton Industries' key product

Q. Illustrate what is maximum number of application per hour which can be handled by present configuration of process?


Reference no: EM1377256

Collaboration with these stakeholders for suncal

What are the advantages and disadvantages of collaboration with these stakeholders for SunCal? For Disney? For What solutions do you believe might emerge from dialogue? in Dis

Discuss the statement that to manage effectively

Discuss the statement that to manage effectively, a person must have the authority to hire subordinates, assign them to specific jobs, and reward them on the basis of perfor

Differences between face-to-face and virtual presentations

Understanding the differences between virtual and face-to-face presentations is certainly becoming more important as business needs grow. Assess and explain the principal di

Describe the nature and causes of employee health insurance

DeCarlo recently met with his vice president for finance (David Schramm) and his vice president for human resources (Harriet Windham) to determine how costs could be cut so th

Write objective function and labor hours

Write objective function and labor hours and machine hours constraints and formulate Objective Function, Assembly Hours Constraint, Labor Hours Constraint, and Desired Profita

Product strategy as part of the marketing mix

Product strategy, as part of the marketing mix, should be driven by consumer needs. Consumers make purchase decisions based on perceived benefits. Sometimes translating desire

What are some of the supply chian risk management tools

which ones, in your opinion, are the most difficult to overcome? 2. describe the major sources of supply base risk. what are some of the supply chian risk management tools a

Develop a capacity plan

The entire fabrication for these units is scheduled on one machine. There are 2,250 usable minutes in a week, and each unit will take 65 minutes to complete. Develop a capac


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