If the contract expressly prohibits any assignment

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Steven enters into a contract with Mandy. The contract is for Mandy to repair Steven’s car for $600. What are Mandy’s rights and duties? What are Steven’s rights and duties? If the contract expressly prohibits any assignment, can Mandy assign his right to payment?

Reference no: EM131030619

Price of steel mbecause of competition

Shokun Steel Co. owns many steel plants. One of its plants is much older than the others. Equipment at that plant is outdated and inefficient, and the costs of production at

Furniture manufacturer produce to maximize profit

A small furniture manufacturer produces tables and chairs. Each product must go through three stages of the manufacturing process: assembly, finishing, and inspection. Each ta

Introduction to the field of organizational behavior

Introduction to the Field of Organizational Behavior. Using your textbook, LIRN-based research and the Internet apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture con

About the service design

Think about service delivery and how it affects your life. Generate ideas for additional improvements in service delivery for banking, higher education, or health care. You do

Individuals preconceived notions and prejudices

How do you think individuals' preconceived notions, prejudices, and their own interpretations of other cultures impact the workplace? How might you employ the psychodynamic ap

Describe choice or decision related to either school

Describe a choice or decision related to either school or work that you made within the last year. If it was a choice you made based on deduction, describe the syllogism you u

What is the standard deviation of the lead time demand

A manager of a large warehouse in Boston makes procurement decisions for a toy company carried by the warehouse. The throughput rate of toys through the warehouse is 2500 unit

What is the basic problem causing this conflict

The two shift supervisors are at each other's throats, and you have to do something to correct the situation. What is the basic problem causing this conflict? What could you


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