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Directions and criteria for Final Essay2A:

Write an essay (3 to 5 pages in length), with works cited (minimum of four citations) responding to the following instructions:

Part I: Begin by defining your relation to power and privilege according to your sexual orientation, ability-level and race. Next, analyze the impact of the intersection of sexual orientation and ability level as it has affected you either positively and negatively within the systems of privilege in which you participate.

Then, place yourself at a level on one of the racial identity development models and discuss your movement on the selected model over the course of this quarter.

Part II: Focusing on your own lenses of perception, use social construction theory to explain your current and past perceptions of and micro-aggressions against persons who are perceived as differently-abled.

Integrate into your explanations your role taking "the path of least resistance", along with your resistance to or participation in systems that oppress this otherized group.

Reference no: EM132184469

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