Identifying the components of due process

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Part 1 - Working with the school principal, prepare a written summary identifying the components of due process and the rights and responsibilities of students and parents regarding due process hearings as described in the Florida state statutes.

Part 2 - Develop an informational presentation about bullying for your School Board. Your goal is to influence policy regarding the development of a Code of Conduct on bullying. Your presentation should be in a narrative form - do not use PowerPoint or graphics for this assignment. Your narrative should include:

1. An introduction
2. Definition of bullying
3. Support or rationale for why a Code of Conduct specifically for bullying is needed
4. Conclusion

Part 3 - Using the district policy manual and the state statutes, work with the principal to prepare a written summary describing the procedures and guidelines for compliance with the state statutes and federal law governing parents' and students' rights to privacy and access to student educational records (e.g. deny, release, or challenge content).

Reference no: EM13880039

What methods of drugs distribution utilized

What methods of drugs distribution utilized bt these organizations do you think are the most problematic for law enforcement agenices? What? At what level should a criminal o

What is the effect of mistake of fact in contract law

What is the effect of mistake of fact in contract law? Equity is a discretionary remedy available if the common law does not have a remedy or, if it does, it is not adequate.

Examining the structure of the national labor relations

3) Examining the structure of the National Labor Relations Board it is important to remember that both the members of the NLRB as well as the Office of the General Counsel are

Is this approach different from traditional patrol

Is this approach different from traditional patrol? If so how? If not, how is it similar? What did patrol officers in this experiment do that was different from what basic p

Victimology research paper

Victimology Research Paper-For your research paper, you must write a 6-10 page research paper addressing an issue related to victims of crime.  The purpose of this assignmen

Residential community corrections facilities

1. Discuss purpose of Residential Community Corrections Facilities. Which offenders would be appropriate for placement in a residential community correctional facility? Explai

What needs to be done to avoid spoliation

What are the author's main points? How can evidence be collected properly? What needs to be done to avoid spoliation? Based on this article, what advice can you offer others?

Problem on partnership dissolution and third party suit

The question belongs to Law and it discusses about a scenario where Ronald and Jenna want to start a cafe business. Jenna contacts a coffee company which gives Jenna a $1200


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