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Suppose you poured iodine on your plate and notesed clearing in the uninoculated area, as well as around both of your transferred cultures. What are some possible explanations for this occurrence? Was integrity of the exercise compromised? What kind of things might be done to avoid this problem in future exercises?

How would you expect the results of this exercise to change if you were to add glucose to the medium?

In many tests it is acceptable to read a positive result before the incubation time is completed. Why is this not the case with Starch Agar?

Suppose you could selectively prevent production of a-amylase or oligo-1,6-glucosidase in an organism that normally hydrolyzes starch. Which enzyme would the organism miss the most?


Reference no: EM1396199

Why do we need dna polymerase

Why do we need DNA polymerase I and not just DNA polymerase III, if polymerase I is just initiating DNA replication and polymerase III does all the "heavy lifting" and continu

Transition temperatures of artificial membranes

Assume you and your lab partner have made the following artificial membranes: Membrane made entirely of phosphatidylcholine with saturated 16-carbon fatty acids Membrane.

Determine which muscles are the prime movers

Perform a chin-up (palms supinated) and determine which muscles are the prime movers, stabilizers, and synergists. Is there a difference with a pull-up (palms pronated)? If

Discuss what a prepared organization is to kaufman

Discuss what a prepared organization is to Kaufman. Do you believe this is what it will take to effectively deal with the health care bubble? What are some suggestions that

Describe the evolution of prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Can anyone explain the mechanism of evolution for prokaryotes and eukaryotes, Please use your own words and not copy from internet because I will not be able to understand

Online with coding software

CPT coding can be done online with coding software. Currently, the vendors that most coders use are either Optum or 3M. This is software that helps you code but it's expensi

Why did the fragmented dna still show the same pattern

The Meselson-Stahl experiments were groundbreaking studies in molecular biology. Some of the clarity of the centrifugation results was due to the that the DNA was fragmented

Mimicking epinephrine with subsequent stimulation

Ephedrine is a drug which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system by mimicking epinephrine with subsequent stimulation of the production of cAMP by adenylyl cyclase. Why i


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