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Situation one:
Alpha Waffles need to expand and increase their market share by 40% in the next 2 years. They would need to improve their packaging and spend money on advertising. We know that the current interest rate is 15% and banks are reluctant to lend businesses money.

Situation two:
Richardson Ltd is a small building company. Simon Richardson, the owner of the business has to pay his staff £13,000 for their wages. He does not have the money now, however, one of his existing customers promised to pay him by the end of the week.

Situation three:
Barnes Shipbuilding needs to buy new equipment that will cost £345,000. They have £500,000 retained profit from last year but also need to invest in a new project in the far East.

Situation four:
Woods Plc are considering the launch of a new product. The cost of developing this product is estimated around £760,000. The business shares are doing very well in the stock exchanges as the value gone up by more than 50% over the past 18 months.


Reference no: EM1344591

Financial planning improve performance

ABC Construction LLC is a construction firm owned by Mr. Mohammad. Mr. Mohammad established the company 7 years ago in Dubai.  Now it has branches in Emirates.

Debt and defeasance of the present issue

You have decided to advance refund $10,000,000 of outstanding debt that is callable in 5-years. The interest rate on these bonds is 8%. You can issue new bonds at 6%.

Integrity financial statements

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was signed into law in July 2002 & was proposed to get better the accuracy of publicly held companies' financial statements. How would this Act affect:

Benefits of a company investing and trading securities

Suggest the potential benefits of the domestic securities markets to those investing in the foreign securities markets. Provide a specific example to support your response.

Making income statement and balance sheet

Fast Track Sports firm was started by John Ross early in 2012. Initial capital was acquired by issuing shares of common stock to various shareholders and by obtaining a bank l

What is the new cost of equity under the capital structure

Consider ABC's levered beta is 1.15, the risk free rate is 7% and the expected market return (Rm) is 12%. What is the new cost of equity under the capital structure financed

Calculating the amount required for a family

Your daughter is a starting freshman in high school. By the time she enters freshman year in college, you would wish to have savings accumulated to pay her tuition for her nex

Find appropriate quote and calculate the price

As the cash manager of your firm, you wish to buy $1,000,000 in thirty day Treasury bills. You obtain the following bid/ask quotes from three dealers:


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