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Analyze each of the following arguments to identify whether or not it exhibits up policy. If it does, define the policy you have identified.

1) either you are with us or you are against us. Since you are not supporting our campaign by donating to it, you must be against our cause.

2) If we allow the government to ban assault weapons, will have to allow them to ban handguns as well. And if we allow bands on handguns, will have to allow bands on rifles. And what about knives? Aren't they weapons to? We can't just ban all the knives, so ban on handguns would be idiotic.

3) Is anyone so stupid as to vote in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy?

4) If we raise taxes, then the economy will falter. We didn't raise taxes, so clearly did economy will not falter.

5) There's nothing wrong with citing information on the Internet because I read online that true things can be posted there.

I've answered these questions already but I just wanted to double check and see if I'm correct. Could someone answer these questions as well so I can compare my answers. right now I have one as appealed to force to slippery slope three attacking the person for affirming the consequent and five as false dilemma

Reference no: EM131230029

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