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Assignment: Innovation and Communication Presentation

Listed below are the names of some of the world's top technology-related innovators. They have also been called leaders, entrepreneurs, disrupters, or good old-fashioned trouble-makers. They have gone against the odds, rattling stale industries to build new ones. Recognize their names? Not likely, though you may instantly recognize their product, technology, or scientific inventions, which have made headlines. However, their success would not be possible without the effective management of team members. For this assignment, you are required to choose two people from the list and create a PowerPoint presentation.

First, choose two leaders from the list below:

• Caleb Chung
• Cory Booker
• Craig Venter
• Dan Olschwang
• Diane Greene
• Hjalmar Winbladh
• Jeremy Stoppelman
• Mark Gorton
• Russell Simmons
• Sunil Shaunak

Now, respond to the following:

• Utilize your research and identify the methods these innovators or leaders are using to communicate through technology in an effort to remain relevant in their industries.

• Explain how technology has advanced each of their businesses, leading to growth.

• Determine if innovative products, such as Google X, iWatch, or the new Cardboard Bike, can be linked to transformational or transactional leadership. Defend your position.

• Self-managed teams are often used to hide inventions from public view. Utilizing your research, identify ways managers and project leaders working under constraints can accomplish this.

Develop a 4-6-slide presentation in PowerPoint format. Include detailed speaker notes in your presentation.

Utilize at least two scholarly sources to complete your research, referencing sources within the text and at the end in a reference list. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Emery, C. R., & Barker, K. J. (2007). The effect of transactional and transformational leadership styles on the organizational commitment and job satisfaction of customer contact personnel. Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict, 11(1), 77-90. (ProQuest document ID 216597373)

• Gumusluoglu, L., & Ilsev, A. (2009). Transformational leadership, creativity, and organizational innovation. Journal of Business Research, 62(4), 461-473. (ProQuest document ID 196329870)

• Piccolo, R. F., & Colquitt, J. A. (2006). Transformational leadership and job behaviors: The mediating role of core job characteristics. Academy of Management Journal, 49(2), 327-340. (ProQuest document ID 199826354)

Reference no: EM131409462

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