Identify three weaknesses that you possess
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Self Evaluation paper

Self-appraisal and assessment is an important part of growth and development. Understanding yourself leads to more targeted self-development and an ability to focus on the work you're the most proficient at. This assignment requires you to do an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses while assessing you own leadership style. This assignment should be a minimum of a page and a half and complete the following:

• Identify three strengths that you possess. Provide specific examples of how each of these strengths could be used to further your career.

• Identify three weaknesses that you possess. Provide specific examples of how you could improve each of these weaknesses in order to make yourself a more well-rounded manager.

• Explain if you possess more crystalized or fluid intelligence. Support your choice with an example from your personal or professional life.

• Explain what leadership style you believe you fall under. Apply the information from your self-analysis to this choice in order to support your decision. Remember that there are many leadership styles. Outside research can be useful for this section.

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