Identify the psychological element of the protagonist
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Post 1

Give your general thoughts on "The Furnished Room." Some possible avenues to explore:

a) Is the general question of unrest of the spirit ever answered?

b) Identify the psychological element of the protagonist

c) Who/what is the monster?

d) What elements contribute to the atmosphere? e) Did you like it? Why or why not?

• Post 2

Much like above, give your general thoughts on Elsewhere. Some possible avenues to explore:

a) Elsewhere is undoubtedly a character-driven piece so spend some time dissecting the characters a bit (round or flat, dynamic or static). Who are the protagonist and antagonist and what are their motivations? Explore Dr. Case's role in the storyline. Are any characters stereotypical, believable, likeable?

b) Identify the climax and whether or not there is a denouement. How effective is this?

c) Who/what is the monster? What are your overall impressions?


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