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Tony is a 39 year old man with a wife and 7 children. A few months ago Tony lost his job and as he is the only provider for the family, the financial impact on the family has been great. Tony has been referred to a community services organisation for help and support. His usual way of coping has been to avoid thinking about the problem or issue, and to drink alcohol with his mates when he leeks overwhelmed, which has not helped the situation, but rather caused problems in his marriage as well.

a). How could Tony be supported to identify the need for appropriate coping skills and behaviours to maximise his ability to do required activities within his own life situation?

What did the practice session raise for you in terms of the experience of working with a "client"?

What inspires, or motivates you to want to work in the community services sector? How might you keep your motivation levels present when working with a client that may be making decisions that you do not agree with? Consider your own values and beliefs and how this plays an integral part in effectively working within the community services area.

Describe an area of client work that you may not want to work in, and detail how you may go about supporting the client to access required services and/or resources.

Describe an area of client work that you do want to particularly work in, and detail how you will acknowledge your own values and bliefs in this area of interest, at the same time as maintaining client self-management approaches.

What do you consider to be your strengths in working with others?

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Reference no: EM13319054

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