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Discussion 1: Models of Institutional Control

Evaluate the three different models of institutional control presented in your text: the control model, the responsibility model, and the consensual model. Briefly describe each model and explain which one you think makes the most sense, or argue how each of the models could be used as an effective form of institutionalization.

Discussion 2: Prison Administration

Considering the institutional impediments for the administration of correctional facilities presented in your text (politics, budgets, consent decrees, size of the departments, bureaucracy, etc.), identify the most important goals of prison administrators and describe what factors most impact those administrators in meeting their goals.

ASSIGNMENT: Roles of Corrections Officers

Prepare a paper detailing the role of corrections officials. At a minimum, your paper should explain the corrections officers' place within the social roles of inmates as detailed in your text, and the role of corrections officers within jail and prison administration.

Reference no: EM13789066

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Assuming that males are more violent than females; does that mean crime has a biological rather than a social basis (because males and females share a similar environment)?

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How do you handle the juveniles who just bought the beer? Do they have rights as victims? How do you handle the liquor store owner, who is the only one in his store at this

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