Identify the economic order quantity

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Abey Kuruvilla, of Parkside Plumbing, uses 1,200 of a certain spare part that costs $25 for each order, with an annual holding cost of $24.

a) Calculate the total cost for order sizes of 25, 40, 50, 60, and 100.

b) Identify the economic order quantity and consider the implications for making an error in calculating economic order quantity.

Reference no: EM131256415

Find the probability that there are exactly two cars

The minute stop market has one pump for gasoline, which can service 10 customers per hour (Poisson distributed). Cars arrive at the pump at a rate of 5 per hour (Poisson distr

Discuss about the integrated change control

Integrated change control, would you apply these objectives to both large/complex and small/simple projects? Why or why not?Comment on at least two posts by your colleagues by

Co-worker asking them to cover your weekend shift

For this discussion you will practice writing a simple request to a co-worker asking them to cover your weekend shift. Use the skills and techniques described in your textbook

Company makes product donations to the school

The following is a quote from a news article: "If a company makes product donations to the school- computers for instance - then the image of a. company goes up as graduate st

Which factors would you recommend that manager investigate

Which of the following factors would you recommend that the manager investigate: quality problems, absentee is more scheduling also balancing. Elucidate your reasoning. It i

What is organizational politics all about

What is organizational politics all about? Why do people tend to see organizational politics as negative? Could an organization really exist without organizational politics? W

Case study - alternative work arrangements

Various alternative work arrangements exist for use in businesses and other types of organizations; included among the options are compressed work weeks, flexible work schedul

Case illustrates the effect of on buying behavior

A salesperson driving to visit a client located two hours away has a tire blow out on the highway. He walks about a mile to the next exit where he finds a service station. The


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