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Finance Project- Market Commentary with Economic Analysis

This project will essentially be an opportunity to become an economic analyst and develop a Market Commentary with an in-depth Economic Analysis.

The assignment heading will be formatted in the following format:

Assignment Date

Part I: The first four items listed can be implemented in Microsoft Publisher/Microsoft Word with the integration of Microsoft Excel. You can create your own Market Commentary utilizing Microsoft Publisher with the integration of Microsoft Excel by listing the information on the first
four (4) items or you can utilize Microsoft Word and integrate Microsoft Excel. The Market Commentary should be presented in a professional, business-like manner.

1. On the below indexes, report weekly changes (i.e. increases or decreases) over a fiveweek time period. List the percent change over the time-frame analyzed? (Use Microsoft

Excel to list your findings)

Dow Jones Industrial Average


S&P 500

2. Search the below treasury yields listed below and monitor the current, weekly, monthly and yearly rate over a five-week time period (i.e. October 19, 2018 (current date accessed), October 12, 2018 (week comparative from original date), September 19th (month comparative from original date), and October 19, 2017 (year comparative from original date). You will obtain data for the below items over a five-week period. (Use Microsoft Excel to list your findings)

3-month T-Bill

2 Year T-Note

10 Year T-Note

30 Year Bond

3. Obtain rates on the following items (Use Microsoft Excel to list your findings):

Prime Rate- List the current the Prime Rate listing the date accessed

Fed Funds Target Rate- List the current rate listing the date accessed

3-Month London Interbank Offered (LIBOR) Rate- List the current rate listing the date accessed

30 Year Mortgage Rate- List the current rate as of the date the information was accessed listing the date accessed

4. Choose five items of economic data from the Bloomberg Economic Calendar (i.e. Housing Starts, Jobless Claims, etc.) and note the date that the information was accessed and list a brief summary of your findings.

Part II: The section below should be presented in a Microsoft Word format. Please be cognizant to note the minimum pages needed for each section.

5. Access one of the 2018 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings and identify the following information:

Note the date of the meeting and list the voting committee members present

Identify the decisions of the meeting

A minimum one-page requirement is needed in this section.

6. Access the Beige Book from the Federal Reserve website and analyze the following

Choose two of the Federal Reserve Districts and compare five areas of analysis between the two districts (i.e. manufacturing, financial services, construction, etc.). A minimum of two-pages will be needed for this section

Reference no: EM132184005

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