Identify symptoms that suggest an underlying problem

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As a hospital administrator, you hear some complaints and want to investigate whether the problem of stereotyping exists at your facility.
Using the Internet, research various types of stereotyping such as racial, ethnic, religious, and gender. Based on your research and understanding, respond to the following:

• How will you conduct the investigation? What will you do if the problem does exist at your facility?

Recently staff has been complaining about abusive physician behavior. A process introduced to deal with abusive physician behavior alienates some doctors. As a direct result of the staff complaints, one of every three doctors threatens to leave the hospital.

Recommend a system for addressing the grievances along with a long term solution focused on the interpersonal conflict.

Please answer the following questions in your submission:

1. Clearly define the problem to be solved or identify symptoms that suggest an underlying problem.

2. Who are the stakeholders in this situation and how are they involved or impacted by this problem?

3. What alternative solutions should be considered in solving this problem? How did you arrive at these alternatives?

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives? Quantify where possible.

5. Indicate which alternative you would indicate and why.

6. Indicate the potential risk if this recommendation turns out wrong.

7. How do you expect each of the stakeholders to react if you are wrong

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The report is about the low socio economic status and its issues in health care sectors. the case study reveals that low socio economic status results in poor delivery of health care delivery. there are certain alternative solutions are offered and one option is chosen. the associated risks and advantages and disadvantages of alternative solutions are mentioned. the word count is more than 800. the refernce is in APA

Reference no: EM13750206

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