Identify subcategories of the theory and describe each
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Use the Internet and your textbook to research the criminological and victimization theories presented in the group lists below. Select two (2) criminological theories (Group 1), two (2) theories of victimization (Group 2), and fill in the chart below using the following instructions. You will be graded on four (4) theories in total (not including the pre-filled example):

Group 1 - Select two (2) of the following: Bio-social Theory; Psychological Theory; Social Structure Theory; Social Process Theory; Social Conflict Theory; Labeling Theory; or Developmental Theory.

Group 2 - Select two (2) of the following: Deviant Place Theory; Routine Activity Theory; Deviant Lifestyle Theory; or Victim Precipitation Theory.

Summarize the theory of victimization, describing its meaning and core concepts as it relates to the nature of crime.

Identify subcategories of the theory and describe each.

Apply the theory to one (1) real life example or scenario. Briefly explain why the theory applies to the example you identified.

Use at least three (3) quality academic resources as references, such as journal articles, newspapers, magazines, and publications from law enforcement associations. Note: Wikipedia, blogs and similar websites do not quality as quality academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed using Time New Roman font (size 12).

Include a reference page. References in APA 6th Edition formatting should be written in Times New Roman 12 point, in alphabetical order, double-spaced, subsequent lines indented, title / journals italicized appropriately, etc.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Summarize and describe various theories of victimization as they relate to the nature of crime in democratic societies.

Apply the core concepts understood in the theories of victimization to real life criminal cases and scenarios.

Use technology and information resources to research victimization theories and criminal cases.

Write clearly and concisely about criminal justice using proper writing mechanics and APA style conventions.

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