Identify specific vulnerabilities how they can be exploited
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I need response 3-4 page paper (no format required) with the exception of the following:

Double-Spaced, 12 point font, citation of references.

You can pick your topic based on your interests, but be sure to pick a subject that has a Technical Aspect that you can argue both the Pros and Cons. Put cognitive reasoning into the paper, just don't identify problems, come up with solutions, or at the very least, suggestions on what you think should be done be more secure. I have also provided two possibilities for you to potentially write on.

1) Based on the TED talks video on " How are devices are vulnerable to hacking", the presenter goes into an overview on how various technology like Pace Makers, vehicles, and radios are susceptible to attack. Watch the video again and elaborate on the susceptible technology (e.g. Wireless). Identify specific vulnerabilities, how they can be exploited. Describe other affected technology that you find, and present your findings. Lastly, propose how you as a Cyber Security professional would mitigate risks with the use of the technology.
Here is the link for (1) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=metkEeZvHTg

2) During the lecture, we covered Secure Delete, File Recovery, and Operating System cleaning devices. Write on how these functions can both Improve Security and efficiency, as well as contribute to less efficiency and degraded security. You can talk about the intent behind the use of Secure Delete (e.g. Malicious individuals versus legitimate use). Get creative, but be sure to identify specific topics and issues you are addressing in your introduction.

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