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1. Goal Alignment in Your Company Are your incentives aligned with the goals of your company? If not, identify a problem caused by goal misalignment. Suggest a change that would address the problem. Compute the profit consequences of the change.

2. One Lesson of Business Identify an unconsummated wealth-creating transaction (or a wealth-destroying one) created by some tax, subsidy, price control, or other government policy, and then figure out how to profitably consummate it (or deter it). Estimate how much profit you would earn by consummating (or deterring) it.

Reference no: EM131133550

Discuss how company pursuing differentiation strategy

Discuss how a company pursuing differentiation strategy can manage its value chain (primary activities) to sustain its competitive advantage. Explain it with a real company ex

The concession to sell glazed donuts

The UPR has given Vecino’s Bakery the concession to sell glazed donuts at the Graduate School during evening classes. It costs the bakery $0.15 to produce each donut, and Veci

Produce homeopathic remedies in capsules

A company wants to produce homeopathic remedies in capsules for the treatment of four diseases. The business proposition of the company calls for custom made capsules, based o

Stages of implementing major downsizing initiative

Your company is in the planning stages of implementing a major downsizing initiative. Like most well-kept company secrets, word has started to spread throughout the company. W

Describe the characteristics of effective groups and teams

Identify various types of teams and groups, including self-managed work teams and project groups. Describe the characteristics of effective groups and teams. Describe the stag

Contract manager to ensure successful procurement

A project manager and a contract manager are both needed to administer a procured project or process. If you were the project manager, how would you work with a contract manag

Pinpoint factors associated with success in e-commerce

Summarize the demands information technology places on the manager’s job. Describe positive and negative consequences of information technology for the manager. Discuss the im

What are some of the drawbacks to outsourcing

There are many reasons to pursue business process outsourcing and project procurement, including flexibility, improving methodologies, and increasing productivity. Taking into


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