Identify one example of a resource with a very low average

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Identify one example of a resource with a very low average utilization rate, and a second example with a very high average utilization rate. Consider both service and manufacturing organizations.

Write a short (one-page typed) paper that describes these situations and their capacity implications.


Reference no: EM13222859

How many total labor-hours should this job require

A machine shop has received an order to manufacture 10 large drum rollers. After examining the design of the rollers, the production engineer expects 55 labor-hours to be requ

Concept of long tail relationship to netflix business model

Discuss the company's business strategy and how it has evolved. What firms are Netflix's most significant competitors, and how the nature of competition has changed in the ind

Describe the benchmarking steps that the back should take

Employees at the bank are already trained to be polite and eager to serve the customers. The bank has been able to identify several other features that are important to their

The total cost of hiring and layoff

A company has the following forecast demand for the next 6 months: Suppose inventory, stock outs, overtime and subcontract in aren't allowed. Only hiring and layoffs are allow

Factors of production move internationally

Briefly discuss why factors of production move internationally. Do you think it is wise for factors of production to move? Do you think with the movement of these factors it w

What are the benefits of innovation

Following APA guidelines, provide a short answer to the following questions: 1. What are the benefits of innovation, design, and creativity in meeting or improving organizatio

Can voluntary programs be effective in controlling unethical

(Leadership) Can voluntary programs be effective in controlling unethical or illegal activities in business? Does regulation work better? (Marketing) Select a product that has

What percentage of variation is explained by regression line

The following data were collected during a study of consumer buying patterns: Observation x y Observation x y 1 20 70 8 16 75 2 21 79 9 17 72 3 38 86 10 17 71 4 32 86 11 27 90


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