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This assignment has been designed so that you would be able to identify objects and their relationships from the given problem statement(s). After the completion of this assignment you should have a good grasp on:

How to analyze a problem statement with the view of objects and their relationships

How to represent a set of objects and their relationship among them graphically.


Consider the case study:

A university has two types of students. BS students and MS students. MS students can be further categorized in MS-by-research and MS-by-coursework students. All the students have their names, addresses and roll-numbers stored. Each MS student has an advisor. Each MS-by-research student has a thesis status (whether he has started the thesis or not). BS student can be of first year, second year, third year or forth year. To have all information of each particular category of students, a "PrintInfo" operation should be there.

Design the class hierarchy for the university students.  For this, you need to identify the following from the given case study


Attributes against each class/object

Operations against each class/object

Type of association (aggregation, composition or inheritance) between classes/objects

After identifying the above, you need to make an object model.

Your design should be such that which can be used to declare a list of students belonging to different categories.

What to submit

You are simply required to make an object model in a word file and send it as your assignment.

Reference no: EM131172422

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