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TASK 1: Create a Reference List.

Each student needs to find two (2) appropriate reference sources relating to the individual's chosen topic. One reference source should be from an academic journal, and one reference should be from some other source the student feels would be acceptable in a piece of good academic and/or business writing.

Presentation - Task 1

Task 1 needs to be submitted as follows:
• Word .doc or .docs
• Arial 10 point font
• Heading
• Reference List
o The reference list should be in proper Harvard (Anglia) referencing style. Do NOT give just an Internet reference - the reference must give the full details of the source of the material.
o Half of the references should be from academic journals (either hardcopy, or electronic), and the remainders form a variety of sources including at least 1 book, 1 internet site and 1 current affairs magazine or newspaper.

TASK 2. Literature Review

Students are to write a literature review using academic style report format on the research sources you have identified in Task 1.

Using your approved topic from Task 1, students need to:
• Determine what has been written on a topic
• Provide an overview of key concepts from the sources
• Identify major relationships or patterns
• Identify strengths and weaknesses
• Identify any gaps in the research
• Identify any conflicting evidence

Each student is to analyse the references sources they identified in Task 1.

Students should combine the different reviews into a single coherent report - this will probably mean that the different contributions cannot be just added to each other, but need to be fully integrated into an overall discussion.

Presentation - Task 2

Task 2 needs to be submitted as follows:
• 1500 + 10% word academic style report
• Word .doc or .docs
• Arial 10 point font
• Title page
• Introduction and conclusion
• Suitable headings and sub-headings
• Reference List

Assessment 2

Assessment type: Oral presentations of reports on the group's or pair's approved topics - 5 to 10 minutes. All group or pair members must participate equally in the presentation.

Purpose: To allow students to demonstrate their ability to research, critically analyse trends and issues in accounting and solve standard accounting problems as would arise in a modern accountancy practice. The assessment also allows students to further develop their team working and professional communication skills. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, c, e, f and g

Value Presentation 15%
Visual aids 10%
Total 25%

Due Date: Weeks 10 & 11- groups will be chosen at random to present, so all groups or pairs must be present in both weeks 10 and 11, and be ready to present first if chosen.

Task Details: Each group or pair will be required to present for about 10 minutes. Allow time for questions and answers.

• The presentation should reflect both understanding and application of oral presentation principles.

• The presentation should demonstrate both knowledge of the topic, and the ability to communicate that knowledge clearly in a way that enables the audience to understand the point of view of the presenter.

• Students should think carefully about how to make the presentation interesting for the audience. A presentation will need to be more than simply a talk to the audience, with some visual aids.

• Visual aids may include PowerPoint.

• A print-out of the presentation should be given to the lecturer.

NOTE 1: A presentation should be structured to include an Introduction (to the question, to the group or pair member and what each is presenting), the Body (main detailed answer usually shared/split between two or three members) and the Conclusion/Summary (a summary of the presentation and conclusions/answers reached).

NOTE 2: A presentation requires you to understand the information (literature analysis) you have prepared and talk (present) to your audience and NOT simply read your answer.

NOTE 3: Any group or pair member missing the presentation MUST provide a valid doctor's certificate or other supporting evidence, and gain the acceptance of the group to be awarded the presentation marks. Group or pair member(s) must be fully prepared to present the part(s) of missing members.

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Reference no: EM13897419

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