Identify and assess strategies to overcome these barriers

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1. Which types of barriers (cultural, structural, business case) are the biggest threat to a health IT project? Why did you select these? Identify and assess strategies to overcome these barriers.

2. Why are some individuals resistant to change? How can you motivate them to change?

3. Give an example of two professional cultures within a health system that may have competing interests in an electronic health record project. Describe a strategy to manage the two groups’ disparate interests.

4. Identify and describe the most important factors to consider when deciding to adopt a quality improvement or governance model (CMMI, ITIL, Six Sigma, or Lean)?

Reference no: EM13855369

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Illustrate what is the percent change in multi-factor productivity if Upton can reduce the energy bill by $1,000 without cutting production or changing any other inputs.

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Taira (Salmon) Brandt is the 35 year old daughter of Garret Salmon the owner of a medium sized party invitation company “Lots of Fun.” Evaluate Taira’s current role in the bus


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