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Select an athletic program (i.e., specific college sports team) participating at the NCAA Division I level. Please identify a specific NCAA D-I athletic team (e.g., football or women's lacrosse) in your initial forum. Devise a marketing strategy for the selected athletic program. In other words, provide a description of a creative marketing strategy, based on readings and research. Make certain to include information re: 4P's of marketing mix. Cite at least one scholarly reference to support information presented.

Reference no: EM131389150

Discuss the main cultural marketing mistakes made in case

Discuss the main cultural marketing mistakes made in this case? What factors contributed to EuroDisney's poor performance during its fi rst year of operation? What factors con

Discuss the future of purchasing

Please continue to discuss the future of purchasing (supply management) In Discussion 2.1. Which of the trends mentioned below are the most important? Justify your choices.

How you might strengthen your chosen product position

Explain why you placed each competitor on its particular spot on the map, and how you might strengthen your chosen product/brand's position in the minds of the target market

Which of the following is not an environmental force

Because there are few sellers, price competition among firms is not desirable for them in which form of competition? Which of the following statements about the family life cy

View of tuvalus international trade

Interpret your view of Tuvalu's international trade using some of the explanatory theories in Charles W. L. Hill - describe the nature of advantage, consider two other theor

Describe forecasting and managing future trends

We learn this week that change is difficult and, more often than not, inevitable. It is during change when managers need effective forecasting skills, both nationally and glob

What is your message strategy for the particular promo mix

What will this plan cost to deploy/use (you're building a line-item budget for all of the associated costs)? What is your message strategy for this particular promo mix (use

How successful would a television commercial in japan

How successful would a television commercial in Japan be if it featured a husband surprising his wife in her dressing area on Valentine's Day with a small box of chocolates co


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