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1. Capstone Project Report

The report should show the followings:

Identification of the professional accounting, management and/or public relations issues in your workplace;

How do you applied knowledge from this degree study in solving your workplace problems, including appropriate analysis and justification

What strategies are addressed for the project, including consideration of knowledge in accounting, management, or public relations implications; and/or other organizational resource implications.

Complete appropriate advanced level research that identifies and provides assistance in solving real world problems at professional accounting, management, or public relations areas in a practical business setting

Plan and conduct a project to solve a professional accounting, management, or public relations problem in a practical business setting;

Identify advanced capacity to recognise the importance of considering for any business problem the wider business contexts such as accounting and financial implications; management implications; public relations implications; human resource management implications, organizational structure implications, and/or other organizational resource implications;

Demonstrate ability in incorporating the wider business context implications in a comprehensive research based report on the solution to a professional accounting, management and/or public relations problem in a practical business setting

Communicate effectively the outcomes of conducting a research based project to solve a professional accounting, management and/or public relations problem in a practical business setting

(Word Limit: 3000 words)


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