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The final Course Project will consist of the following components:

1. definition of the selected role and function it provides in the court system (part one submitted in Unit III);

2. identification and discussion of the qualifications required for an individual in the selected role;

3. identification and evaluation of the interactions the selected role has with at least three other criminal justice professions involved with the court system;

4. identification and evaluation of potential ethical concerns or issues that the selected role might encounter during the course of its court duties; and

5. conclusion section that summarizes material covered in the paper.

The final paper for the Course Project should be 7-10 pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. A minimum of six scholarly resources will be required.

Professor feedback: Your paper would be stronger with more specific discussion of each source. You need to include at least one peer-reviewed journal in the final project.

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Reference no: EM131119533

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