Hydraulic behaviour in open channel
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Task - 1

i- Describe how test flumes and associated equipment are used to assess and confirm hydraulic behaviour in open channel.

1-How such test equipment is used and set-up?

2-Purpose of such tests?

3-Types of tests that can be conducted

4-Measuremnt types made and data obtained

ii-Explain why a downstream apron(and often also a stilling basin)should be installed with a flow measurement weir?

iii-Source information and details of a current meter and explain how the device allows a measurement of the average velocity of flow in a channel.

Task - 2

i-Source detail and information of two hydro-electric scheme,one high head and the other low head. Describe the differences of the turbines used and engineering complexity of the two scheme

ii-Explain why hydro-electric power generation is more popular in current times. Specify (Five) significant merits and disadvantages of such scheme.

iii- Describe three different types of weir available and assess their relative merit in terms of costs, accuracy of measurement and suitability to various open channel situation?

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