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Human Interactions Corporation produces two products using two assembly lines. Line A has 140 hours available this month while Line B has 80 hours available. On Line A, Product 1 requires 10 hours of production time and Product 2 requires 8 hours of production time. Only Product 2 needs to be finished on Line B, and takes 8 hours of time. When completed, the profit per unit for Product 1 is $60 and for Product 2 is $40. Formulate a linear programming model to solve this problem. List the extreme points and determine the solution graphically.

Reference no: EM13988380

Insurance-social policy-about moral hazard-adverse selection

Insurance and social policy. You have been hired by an insurance company to help them launch a new product which would pay for long-term care in a nursing home for people at a

Determine optimal quantity of coal to receive in each order

The purchasing manager for the Pacific Steel Company must determine a policy for ordering coal to operate 12 converters. Each converter requires exactly 5 tons of coal per day

What is the resulting ucl value for the line

From the samples you determine the fraction defective is 0.05 and the standard deviation is 0.01. If the desired confidence level is 99.7 percent, what is the resulting UCL

Illustrate what is the most that allen would be willing

Will this information change the amount that Allen would be willing to pay for the newsletter. Illustrate what is the most that Allen would be willing to pay for a newsletter

What is the average resource load factor

What is the average resource load factor. How is it used to determine project completion times. What are two methods for addressing the constrained resource allocation problem

How did the puritan religious community define itself

How did the Puritan religious community define itself, and how would you compare it to the ways contemporary religious communities define themselves today? Compare and contras

Discuss different communication-facilitative-collaborative

You should discuss the different communication, facilitative, collaborative, and teamwork skills developed at workplace. As well as the coursework that helped you to develop t

What is point of companies trying to improve productivity

What is the point of companies trying to improve productivity? Is automation a good way to do this? How does measuring ROI in automation justify productivity? What is the pr


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