How you would use open cv to extract eye color

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Question: Research how you would use open cv to extract eye color for an image and update the signature in a database of bio metric information. Submit your findings as a 2 page APA-6 formatted short report. The response must be typed, single spaced, must be in times new roman font (size 12) and must follow the APA format.

Reference no: EM132233625

Compiler would not compile the line of code in the center

In the following lines of code, the Miracle C compiler will not compile the line of code in center (float x = 1/a;). Why does this occur? How can it be corrected.

Creating the c program

Write down a program which accepts a name for example, chocolate bluberries price per pound, and number of the pounds sold in average month .

Create a testrectangle class in java

An overloaded constructor that takes integer width and height arguments, uses a separate method to check whether the width and height fall within the range between 0 and 30,

How important is it to keep the site current

How important is it to keep the site current.According to "Putting Business Online Isn't Always Easy" (2005), "the biggest mistake people make is failing to know the commitme

Produce a thresholded binary image

E27: Computer Vision Spring 2016 - PROJECT 1. Thresholding. Your system will produce a thresholded binary image where the non-zero pixels correspond to objects of interest (

Write java program that can serve as simple calculator

Write down a Java program that can serve as a simple calculator. This calculator keeps track of a single number (of type double) that is called result and that starts out as

Generate a 16 dimensional codebook of size 64

Generate a 16-dimensional codebook of size 64 for the Sena image. Construct the vector as a 4 x 4 block of pixels, an 8 x 2 block of pixels, and a 16 x 1 block of pixels.

Desktop computers in a small company of 32 employees

Your job is to support desktop computers in a small company of 32 employees. A consulting firm is setting up a private Web server to be used internally by company employees.


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