How xml extensions could enable e-commerce integration

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Identify at least two e-Commerce systems that provide XML data integration. For each system, describe how XML extensions could enable e-Commerce integration among system stakeholders such as vendors, resellers, suppliers, and customers.

Reference no: EM13724523

Determine the power required to drive the compressor

A certain industrial process requires a steady 0.75 kg/s supply of compressed air at 500 kPa, at a maximum temperature of 30C. This air is to be supplied by installing a compr

Following concepts related to exposure thresholds

Briefly explain the following concepts related to exposure thresholds: time-weighted average, short-term exposure limit, exposure ceiling, and biological exposure indices.

Electrical work is employed to heat

Electrical work is employed to heat 2kg of water from 298.15 K to 373.15 K. Determine the electrical work required, and the minimum work required (e.g., by using a heat pump i

Calculate the maximum slenderness ratio

A built-up steel column is made by welding a 16-in.-by-1-in. plate to each flange of W14×48 a wide-flange section. The column is 22 ft long and the ends are pin-connected. C

The inner pipe of a double-pipe heat exchanger

The inner pipe of a double-pipe heat exchanger has an OD of 1.9 in. and contains 36 rectangular fins of the type shown in the sketch below. The fins are made of steel (k=34.9

Determine the period if the pin is moved to b

The mass center of the pendulum shown is at G. When the pendulum is suspended from the pin at A, the period for small oscillations is 1.6 s. Determine the period if the pin

Determine the failure load for the crack-free jaw

Determine the failure load for the crack-free jaw. For the crack-free jaw, what would be the factor of safety based on stress/load. Which failure occurs first- the crack or th

Which property the symbol is meant to represent

Browse through the text and appendices to find three different symbols that are used to represent more than one fluid or flow property in this text and list the multiple pro


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