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1-List 3 reasons for diversifying a portfolio via international investing

2. What is the risk factor associated with international investing that potentially can also be viewed as a benefit [and hence, a 4th reason to invest internationally -- see question #1]. IF this factor is trending favorably for your investment portfolio, briefly explain why it is a benefit

On a risk/return basis, rank order the following asset classes from lowest to highest based on the following data. (a) Small stocks: E(r) = 18.15% and standard deviation = 36.94%; (b) Large stocks: E(r) = 11.50% and standard deviation = 20.14%; (c) US Treasury bonds: E(r) = 5.45% and standard deviation = 8.06%; How would this rank order change if the return for each class [i.e., the E(r)] were each reduced by a 3% inflation factor?


Reference no: EM13289529

What is wards estimated intrinsic value per share

Ward's debt has a market value of $1,800 million and Ward has no preferred stock. If Ward has 80 million shares of common stock outstanding, what is Ward's estimated intrins

What is the 95 percent probability range

A stock has returns of 4 percent, 18 percent, -24 percent, and 17 percent for the past 4 years. Based on this information, what is the 95 percent probability range for any o

What is the current price of the common stock

The company's last dividend, D0, was $1.25, its beta is 1.20, the market risk premium is 5.50%, and the risk-free rate is 3.00%. What is the current price of the common stoc

What is the amount of the firm disbursement float

In addition, the firm generally receives an average of $16,400 a day in checks. Deposited amounts are available after 2 days. What is the amount of the firm's disbursement f

What should the identical set of clubs

A particular set of golf clubs in the U.S. costs $990. According to absolute purchasing power parity, what should the identical set of clubs cost in the U.K. when the spot r

How much higher or lower is the effective annual rate

Midwest Bank also offers to lend you the $50,000, but it will charge an annual rate of 7.0%, with no interest due until the end of the year. How much higher or lower is the

Create three different methods for selecting stocks

Starting with the closing price as of Friday, February 3, 2012 create a spreadsheet that can be used to track the three portfolios for the remainder of the semester.

How many of the oid bonds must cosmic issue to raise

If both bonds are to provide investors with the same effective yield, how many of the OID bonds must Cosmic issue to raise $3,000,000? Disregard flotation costs, and round y


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