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Assignment -

You will write a report AS IF you were a Practice Nurse at a General Practice surgery. The report is to be written for the GP about a patient you have assessed. As the imaginary Practice Nurse, you will choose relevant assessments for the patient in the case study.

Assignment Task-

The case study you will need to address is found on the NRS22I Interact 2 site. You are the Practice Nurse at a local medical centre. The GP requests that you conduct a thorough assessment of an older person and provide the GP with a report that will cover specific questions around the outcomes of health and other assessments you undertake.

In order to inform the GP of the patient's health needs and to ensure person-centered and competent care for the patient and her family, provide answers to the following questions

Assessment Task - Case Study

Mary received a phone call from Loretta, her 82 year old mother, early one winter morning. It was obvious to Mary that her mother was ill as Loretta was unable to complete sentences without taking several breaths. These signs of illness were of particular concern to both women as Loretta had previously been diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) and hypertension.
Loretta currently takes the following medications:
. Carvedilol 6.25mg PO Mane
. Furosemide 40mg PO BD
. Amlodipine 5mg Daily
. Aspirin 100mg Daily
. Perindopril 2.5mg BD
. lbuprofen 400mg TDS
. Tramadol 100mg BD
. Citalopram 20mg Daily

Mary had to go to work but told Loretta that she would make an appointment with the GP for later that day and then collect Loretta and take her to the appointment.

When Loretta arrived at the surgery, her symptoms had settled and she was breathing more easily. You notice that she struggles to stand up without assistance from her daughter and that mobilising causes her some discomfort.

You are the Practice Nurse at the surgery where Mary takes Loretta for her appointment. The GP requests that you conduct a thorough assessment of Loretta and provide the GP with the outcomes of the health and other assessments you undertake.

In order to inform the GP of Loretta's health needs and to ensure person-centered and competent care for this woman and her family, provide answers to the following questions.

Use the question as a heading but provide responses in narrative form, not dot points. An introduction and conclusion is not required but assertions must be referenced according to CSU policy.

Question 1- Person-Centered care - The GP asks you, "How will you show person-centered care to Loretta?" Discuss person-centered care and outline how you would work with Loretta and her family to ensure the health outcomes important to them

Question 2- Age related physiological changes - The GP asks you, "What age related changes are making Loretta vulnerable to CHF and hypertension?" Explain the age related physiological changes that have contributed to Loretta's symptoms.

Question 3- Relevant assessments - The GP asks you, "What nursing assessments are relevant to Loretta and her family? Provide me with a rationale for each of the suggested assessments." Describe the relevant assessments a Registered Nurse would you conduct on this older person and explain why each assessment is significant.

Question 4 - Recommended Strategies - The GP asks you, "How do we ensure optimal health for Loretta and ensure she stays at home for as long as possible?" What strategies can a Registered Nurse initiate to maintain optimal health for Loretta, and what support services would keep her at home and support Loretta's family?


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Executive summary

In this report, as per the particular case study, Loretta was an old woman having congestive heart failure and complication of hypertension. Being a practicing nurse a physical assessment was done of Loretta for which the nurse have followed different medical process and techniques. Person-centred care process have been chosen for Loretta, in which the regular treatment process and other care idea have been cited to be taken up. Importance of health and concept of health related issues of Loretta’s family have disclosed that guide to understand the actual outcome of the treatment.

Age is a common factor that makes a person vulnerable due to mental and physiological inability. These symptoms are discussed in this report regarding the health of Loretta. In addition, at the end of the report, recommendations have been made based on person-centred care and encouraging Loretta in her favourite activities.

On evaluating Loretta, it was found that she was not having breathing problem as was pointed out by her daughter, Mary. However, on assessing her, it was observed that she was an elderly woman and previously she was diagnosed with hypertension and congestive heart failure (CHF). In addition,

it was observed that she was struggling to stand up on her own and required help of her daughter. This stresses on the challenges of movement Loretta faced in her elderly age. Thus, on assessing her, it is viable that Loretta is given person-centred care more than any other treatment protocols.

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