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Question - Alexander, the owner and CEO of insurance company is an autocrat. He always gives tasks and defines sales plans for his managers, responsible for different directions. But once he participated in training course "Leadership styles" and learned from the trainer that the best style of management is democratic one, involving subordinates into decision making process giving them opportunity to demonstrate initiative. It looked really attractive. Coming back to his office, Alexander organized a meeting with managers. He explained them that now he is waiting for their ideas about sales plans for the next month, deadline is nearest Monday.

On Monday Alexander listening presentation of his managers regarding their sales plans proposals is becoming more and more angry and irritated. After all presentations Alexander almost crying blamed managers in desire to make their life as easy as possible. He told them: I trusted you but you cheated me, proposing plans, so easy to fulfill, you think I am so stupid to approve your crazy proposals. It was my mistake to trust you, from now you will get my real intensive plans for realization.

1. What Alexander did wrong; which principles of management were broken?

2. How will managers behave after that?

3. What is the solution?

Reference no: EM133283858

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