How was this illness found and by whom

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Outline for Disorder Paper

1. Introduction/Definition

2. History (How was this illness found and by whom) Give dates, cities, states and people involved.

3. Types of people affected (age, race, gender)

4. Symptoms - What is going on with the person, how do they act and look)

5. Causes - What was the cause of the illness, the start (beginning)

6. Treatment/Medicines (list 3 or 4 medicines) and any other type of treatment

7. Summary/Research (updated information) no later than (5 years) Do net repeat your information. Give information that was given as new research or new findings.

This paper should be typed using Times New Romans and font size (12). No mere than (3) pages long. All topics should be discussed. Please do not repeat the information over and over in each topic. All papers will be turned in at the same time.

You will use your own information to present your topic. Please have your tope at the center of your paper. Your classroom inforrrat.or z„. the corner of your paper in single spacing. (name, class and time, date) typed r.ot written. Please ask questions if you don't understand what to do. Your paper Is worth .

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Reference no: EM131294115

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