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Assignment- Effective Decision Making

Two page minimum double-spaced, not including the Decision Tree enclosure and reference page.

Chapter 8 - Chapter Case p. 179

You are the operations manager for a large consulting business. Recently, the organization has had immense growth, resulting in the need to hire fifteen additional consultants and two support staff and to invest funds in expanding office space and equipment. Currently, you are determining whether or not to implement a flextime schedule with all your consultants. The consultants could work from home up to three days per week.

Answer the following questions:

1. Using the Vroom-Jago model, determine how this decision should be made.

2. Which organizational, group, and individual causes of resistance to change might you be concerned with? Discuss at least two from each category.

3. Based on the concerns you listed, how would you address these issues with your employees?

4. Design a decision tree for this situation.

Reference no: EM131404946

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