How valuable a low-cost leader''s cost advantage is depends

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1. A fast-food restaurant asks customers to evaluate the drive-thru service as good, average, or poor. What level of data measurement is this classification?

2. In order to determine the average amount spent in November on a random sample of 144 Amazon accounts were selected. The sample mean amount spent in November was $250 with a standard deviation of $25. Assuming that the population standard deviation is unknown, what is a 95% confidence interval for the population mean amount spent on in November?

3. A shipment of 20 DVDs has arrived at a video rental store. Based on past experience, the manager knows that 10% of all new DVDs sent to the store have a visible defect. The manager tells you to begin inspecting the new DVDs one at a time at random until you find the first DVD that has a defect. If 10% of the DVDs have a visible defect in the new shipment, what is the probability that the first DVD that has a defect is the 3rd one that you inspect? (Round your answer to 3 decimal places.)

4. An insurance agent has selected a sample of drivers that she insures whose ages are in the range from 16-42 years old. For each driver, she records the age of the driver and the dollar amount of claims that the driver filed in the previous 12 months. A scatterplot showing the dollar amount of claims as the response variable and the age as the predictor shows a linear regression line with: y^=3710 - 55.4x. If the age of a driver increases by 1 year, by how much

5. A researcher claims that the proportion of employees who play video games in the workplace is higher than it was 10 years ago. You might be willing to reject the null hypothesis of no change with a = 0.10 or larger. The p-value for this test is 0.15. In this case the researcher should

6. The general plan of major actions through which a firm intends to achieve is long-term objectives is called its

7. How valuable a low-cost leader's cost advantage is depends on

8. Which of the following represent marketing capabilities at the growth stage of industry evolution?

9. __________ is an organization structured around the idea of sharing knowledge, seeking knowledge, and creating opportunities to create new knowledge.

10. Which of the following types of strategic control has a low degree of formalization? Investors and creditors are particularly interested in this financial statement because it tells them what is happening to the company's most important resource?

Reference no: EM13752744

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