How to recruit select millennial engaged in the workplace

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Project Instructions:

1. Write a paper based on the following points:

• Characteristics of Millennial individuals in the Workplace.

• How to recruit, select, and keep Millennial engaged in the workplace?

• Is your company prepared to deal with Millennial? Would you make any changes in your current HR system in order to respond to that trend?

Be specific and craft a managerial plan to implement the changes.


1. The document must follow the APA structure: Cover page, Abstract, Main body (three pages minimum), Conclusions, References. Times New Roman, font 12, and double spacing recommended. More than four pages long.

2. Tables, Charts, Figures must be in the document as APA mandates.

Citations are allowed. Look at the originality report, if it shows more than 5% of similarity with external sources (citations), correct it and submit it again until the assignment is in compliance with the instruction. Do not include questions in your submission, only include answers. Submissions with more than 5% of similarity with external sources will not be accepted.

Reference no: EM131314048

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