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Case Study: Planning and Organizing

Students will read the case study that focuses on mission and vision, organizational structure and change and organizational culture and respond to the following requirements.

You have been hired as a consultant to help Joseph Jackson solve his organizational problems. You are to create a mini-management plan that structures the entire company. The mini-management plan will include a mission and vision, structure and culture.

Resource that will help you develop the mini-management plan:

How to Make a Management Plan

Required Elements to Include in the Management Plan:

1. Create mission and vision statements that align with what Joseph Jackson envisions for his company and explain why these statements are appropriate for Cyber Software, Inc;

2. Create an organizational structure that aligns with the vision of Joseph Jackson

a. Explain why the structure is the most appropriate structure for Cyber Software, Inc;

b. Explain why the other structures were not selected.

c. Illustrate the structure with an organizational chart with names, job titles, and direct reports;

d. Develop profiles (bio that focuses on the jobs held including current position) for the management team (Be creative);

3. Discuss in detail the culture Joseph Jackson will create for his new organizational structure and how he will make those changes;

4. How will the changes in the organizing facet of the P-O-L-C framework prevent future mishaps;

5. In completing this assignment students are to use critical thinking and use the jargon learned in the course.

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