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The x-component of a velocity field is ax+b.If the flow is steady, two-dimentional and incompressible; generate an expression for velocity component in the y-direction as a function of x and y.

Reference no: EM13312227

What is the maximum deceleration possible

If this maximum speed is 35 mi/hr for a 3000-lb car, determine its lateral acceleration capability an in g's and compute the magnitude F of the total friction force exerted

Calculate the average headways and spacing at maximum flow

By assuming a linear speed-density relationship, the mean free flow speed on a highway facility lane equals 65 mph. The jam density is observed to be about 170 vpm. 1. Plot

A polystyrene rod consisting of two cylindrical portions

A polystyrene rod consisting of two cylindrical portions AB and BC is restrained at both ends and supports two 6-kip loads as shown. Knowing that E = 0.45 X 106 psi, determine

What is the rate of leakage in gallons per day

Evaporation from a nearby lake was 8 in. during June. It is estimated that 25 percent more will evaporate from the pool than the lake. On July 1, the pool is 5 inches below th

Scale the data using the ideal value method

Suppose you are planning to use single sourcing and have narrowed down the choices to four suppliers A, B, C, and D. Your criteria for selection are price (min), company siz

Is it possible to compute the magnitude of the load

A brass alloy has a yield strength of 280 MPa, a tensile strength of 390 MPa, and an elastic modulus of 105 GPa. A cylindrical specimen of this alloy 12.7 mm in diameter and 2

Determine the weight of the satellite in pounds when it

A satellite would have a mass of 200 kg on the surface of the moon. Determine the weight of the satellite in pounds when it is in orbit 10,000 mi. above the surface of the ear

Find what must be the composition in copper-nickel alloy

It is desirable to produce a copper-nickel alloy that has a minimum noncold-worked tensile strength of 390 Mpa and a ductility of at least 40% elongation. Is such an alloy p


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