How the output power factor gets controlled
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Advanced Power Electronics & Variable Speed Drives Assignment -

Task1 -

Figure 1 shows a 12 pulse AC/DC converter fed from 3-phase 400V, 50Hz supply. A level constant dc current of 100A is flowing through the load. If the transform-1 has a turn ratio of NY1/NY2 = 1:1 and the output voltage Vdc1 and Vdc2 are equal. Build a simulation circuit using MATLAB/SIMULINK/POWER SYSTEM TOOL BOX and carry out the circuit simulation. The report should include following simulation results and comments:


(1) Present the simulation circuit using MATLAB/SIMULINK/POWER SYSTEM TOOL BOX.

(2) Plot the current waveforms of ia, ia1 and ia2 and the comments of the results.

(3) Plot the current waveforms of ID1, ID4, and IA1.

(4) Plot the voltage wave forms of Vdc, Vdc1 and Vdc2 and comment on the results.

(5) Measure the THD values plot the FFT spectrum of the currents ia, ia1 and ia2 and comment on the spectrums. Explain the advantages of this rectifier based on the simulation results.


Task 2 -

A single-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) is connected to a 240V/50Hz utility system as shown in Figure 2.

Build the simulation circuit of the DC/AC converter using MATLAB/SIMULINK/POWER SYSTEM TOOL BOX for the inverter to output 10A current (RMS) in phase with the grid voltage; Assume bipolar PWM scheme applied to the inverter and the total harmonic distortion (THD) need to be less than 5%.


1. Present the simulation circuit using MATLAB/SIMULINK/POWER SYSTEM TOOL BOX, the circuit should include: Single-phase full-bridge power electronics DC/AC converter, current and voltage measurement circuit, gird current feedback control circuit and PWM generation circuit.

2. Assume a possible ±10% variation for the grid voltage, what is the minimum DC link voltage required for the grid connection? Verify your answers using your simulation results.

3. Specify the suitable PWM switching frequency, the line inductance L.

4. Plot the sin-wave reference signal and the triangle carrier signal as well as the PWM signal generated and explain how the PWM signal is generated.

5. Output current and voltage waveforms, comments the effects of DC link voltage, switching frequency and the inductor on the output current waveform.

6. How the output power factor gets controlled? How to set the control circuit to output 6 A current?


Note - Report in 1000 words plus calculations and MATLAB. Matlab Simulink modelling and answers.

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    Report in 1000 words plus calculations and MATLAB. Matlab Simulink modelling and answers. Marking scheme - Reports should include: title, introduction, basic principles, simulation circuits, simulation results, analysis, discussion and conclusion. A: Presentation - layout, clarity, abstract, references (/30) B: Understanding, approach and originality (/30) and C: Quality of results, discussion and conclusion (/40). Deadline of the submission: 5pm on 14th December 2018.

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