How the internet can affect the research process

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DQ #1: Ethics in Internet Research

Read the journal article "The Ethics of Internet Research" (Williams, 2012) and this week's lecture. In your own words, provide a summary of the article and add your own thoughts on how the Internet can affect the research process, including, but not limited to, ethics concerns.

DQ #2: Research Design

Google's business model includes state-of-the art research. Pick a research study that Google's researchers have done from their list of Research Areas & Publications (2014). What do you think about this research? Find details about related research to support your argument. Cite the studies in your post, and document it in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center

Reference no: EM131226181

Social capital support innovation

How can social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter be used to improe knowledge sharing build social capital support innovation and aid problem solving in one of the

Label the equilibrium point for supply-demand curves

Use one graph to show both the demand and supply for autographs by the superstar and the demand and supply for autographs by the teammate and label the equilibrium point for

What is the value of the property

A lender offers an eight percent, 20-year, fully amortizing mortgage loan (requiring monthly payments; annual constant of .1003728) in an amount that will result in a debt c

Specific type of od intervention strategy

Then, using both the course materials and your experiences, describe the specific type of OD intervention strategy that may be best utilized in the scenario, along with any

Find out the average length of the waiting line

Determine the average length of the waiting line and the waiting time. Discuss the quality implications of your results. If you decide that the quality of the service could

Calculate the total revenue at each price level

A. Calculate the total revenue at each price level. B. Calculate the price elasticity of demand between these two points. C. Is this demand elastic or inelastic? Explain how y

Important information about bond financing

What obligation does entrepreneur (owner) have to investors that purchase bonds to finance the business? Describe a situation in which the company would chose to issue bonds.

Business failure analysis for blockbuster

Describe the role of leadership, management, organizational structure, and the culture of the organization and its departments in the failure and success of the businesses.


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