How the evolution of star-types of stellar corpses

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Explain each of this statments and questions in full detail no copy and paste from wikki please

1) How the evolution of a star (from birth to death) is affected by its mass and chemistry.

2) The three types of stellar corpses

3) How the chemistry of the universe (and the objects in it) has changed over time.

4) How the scientific method is used to improve theories and discriminate between competing theories. In other words, how theory and observation are used in tandem to advance our knowledge.

5) The death of the sun as compared to other stars.

6) The HR diagram and its application to stellar evolution.

7) How we know the universe is expanding and accelerating.

8) How astronomers use light (electromagnetic spectrum) to measure astronomical bodies.

9) Einsteins work and its application to astronomy.

10) What we know, and dont know, about the early universe. What we need to improve that knowledge.

11) How the universe will die (and what we still arenot sure about).

12) The unified model of active galactic nuclei

13) How we know there is dark matter (and how much there is).

14) The overall composition of the universe (chemically and in terms of matter, dark matter, and dark energy).

15) How the Big Bang model won over the Steady State

16) How the Milky Way is similar to other galaxies.

17) How we discovered the structure of the Milky Way and continue to map it today (and what difficulties we face).

Reference no: EM13277058

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