How the director uses camera shots and framing
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How the director uses camera shots and framing, etc. generally. And how the director uses different shots and faming to show body language.


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Introduction 1
Discussion 1
Camera Shots 1
Framing 2
Different Shots and Framing for Body Language 4
Conclusion 5
References 5


Here in this report we are going to discuss about a topic of how director uses camera shots and framing etc. and how different shots and framing are used to show body language. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is a fantasy comedy film directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg. This was a traditional animated and live action movie. As per this concern,we will discuss about making of movies, shots and framing, so that we can thoroughly understand various activities that are performed in movie making. These all activities will be general and performed in all movie making.


Here in this segment we will discuss about how director uses camera shots and framing. Film Techniques is actually a term that describes the ways in which film is created. Film techniques consists of camera shots, camera angles, camera movement and other activities. While making a film camera shots are using by directors in following ways:
Camera Shots

Camera shot is that amount of space which is seen in one shot or frame. The basic purpose of camera shots is to show different aspects of film setting, characters and its different themes. Camera shots are essential to give shape to a film. Camera Shots consists of different shots such as extreme long shot, long shot, full shot, mid shot, close-up and extreme close-up.

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