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The assignment is for a strategic management class, I am doing a recommendation plan for Kellogg's company and the recommendation is to make Kellogg's company acquire Amy's Kitchen company. So that Kellogg's can earn more revenue since Amy's Kitchen manufactures organic and non-GMO convenience and frozen foods. What I need to work on is:

Implementation Plan: Develop a specific plan about how the company will implement your recommendation. Include how the attributes of your products and services will be supported by marketing activities (pricing, promotion, distribution, target marketing, etc.). Discuss any changes to the organizational structure and human resources. Describe how operations and production will be affected by your plan. Develop an Activity Map. Explain other aspects of the value chain as applicable and discuss how they will be managed. Propose and defend how the company should measure performance.

Good discussion of implementation plan.

Product or service attributes/ organizational changes considered.

Activity Map.

Use of framework value chain, bus-level or corp-level strat?

Performance measurement.

Reference no: EM13807679

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