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Question: Access Control.

Access control is a procedure that is incorporated into an organization's information technology environment. The system identify and regulate the authorization process to gaining control of software, control policies, auditing and enforcement of a given command. Access control (AC) is the selective constraint of access to a place or other resource in the field of physical security and information security. This controls how the system interacts or communicates with other resources or systems.

There is various type of access control system and they differ based on their purpose and they include mandatory access control which is security model in which access rights are controlled by a central authority based on numerous levels of security (Levergood et al, 1998). Discretionary access control is access control technique in which owners or overseers of the secured system, statistics or resource set the strategies outlining who or what is authorized to access the resource.

Some of the factor that influences the selection of the access control system includes need or purpose of the company. Security or purpose is one of the fundamental aspects that any organization requires in order to remain competitive. Therefore, the given purpose that the access system offer determines the selection for instance for prevention you will select preventive access control (Sandhu et al, 1996). Cost of the access control system is another aspect that can determine the selection process where a less expensive platform can be considered over an expensive one. Flexibility is the other aspect where the access control system needs to be flexible integrating with other systems. The ease of use is another factor that can determine the selection of the access control system in the sense that the owner needs something easy to control and use. The operation of the business or traffic of people using a given system can determine the selection process in the sense that a high traffic or busy system will require more sophisticated access control systems.

Reference no: EM132233673

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