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What do you think Vroom's expectancy theory of motivation stands for? In a multicultural environment, what are the multinational management implications for this expectancy model?

A slew of research points to the fact that performance is significantly reduced in an individualistic culture in work team assignments. What is responsible for this? How should multinational managers address this phenomenon?

Dirty tricks might be unavoidable in cross-cultural negotiation. What are examples of dirty tricks? How are they inappropriate in international negotiation, and how should negotiators avoid them?

The needs theory (Maslow's theory, ERG, motivator-hygiene, and achievement motivation) and the process theory (expectancy, equity, goal setting, and reinforcement theories) of motivation are applicable in different situations and cultures. Compare, contrast, and discuss multinational management applications of these two categories of motivation theories. What challenges would multinationals experience as they apply these theories of motivation to work environment?

Each question should be at least 250 words each

APA format.

Reference no: EM131285896

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