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1. What is competitive advantage? How can an organization increase its competitive advantage?

2. What are the pros and cons of globalization?

3. What are the driving forces of globalization?

4. Explain the differences between ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric management orientations.

5. How does domestic marketing differ from international and global marketing?

6. Explain the different economic systems.

7. What is meant by the BRIC countries? BEM countries?

8. What are the different marketing opportunities for the various levels of economic development (high income, bottom of the pyramid, etc.)?

9. What are the different stages of regional economic integration/preferential trading groups?

10. What does an increase in regional economic integration/preferential trading groups mean for marketers?

11. When scanning the economic environment to assess market attractiveness, what are the factors you consider (population, income, etc)

12. What are the components of the external environment?

13. What are tariff barriers? Non-tariff barriers? GATT, WTO, IMF and World Bank?

14. What is culture? Why do marketers care?

15. What is the difference between factual and interpretive (experiential) cultural knowledge?

16. What are the elements of culture? Why is each of importance to marketers?

17. How should marketers deal with language differences?

18. What are the differences between attitudes, beliefs and values? Which change more slowly?

19. Understand the difference between Hall's low context and high context cultures and the ramifications for marketers.

20. Understand the differences in Hofstede's cultural dimensions and the ramifications for marketers.

21. Understand the World Values Survey cultural approach.

22. What is the self reference criterion and why is it of interest to marketers?

23. What is the relevance of cultural exclusives, electives, and imperatives?

24. Do cultures change?

25. What is political risk analysis and why is it necessary?

26. Why is political stability so important to marketers?

27. What is the difference between nondiscriminatory risks, discriminatory risks, discriminatory sanctions, and the categories of wealth deprivation?

28. How can firms assess political risk?

29. How can firms mitigate political risk?

30. What are the most common forms of legal systems? What are the differences among them?

31. If conflicts arise, how do organizations settle them around the world?

32. What is the impact of corruption and bribery for global marketers?

33. What is intellectual property protection and the impact of counterfeits?

34. What is the foreign corrupt practices act? What is included and not included in the FCPA?

35. What are the dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility and where/how may conflicts arise for the global/international marketer?

36. What are the differences between a global consumer culture positioning, foreign consumer culture positioning, and local consumer culture positioning? What types of products are more and less environmentally sensitive?

38. What are the reasons for segmentation?

39. Discuss aggregate segmentation, disaggregate segmentation, and two-stage international segmentation.

40. What are the primary bases for segmentation?

41. What are the major areas of CSR (corporate social responsibility)?

42. What is the case FOR sustainability? What are the challenges for sustainability strategies?

43. What are the barriers for consumers to purchase sustainable products?

44. How does international and global marketing research differ from domestic marketing research?

45. What are the forms of technology that are impacting the generation and dissemination of information for organizations?

46. What are the stages of marketing research? Why is defining the problem so important?

47. What are the pros and cons of secondary and primary data?

48. What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative analysis?

49. What are the issues that marketers should consider when designing questionnaires (conceptual equivalence, definitional equivalence, etc.)

50. What is the emic versus etic dilemma?

51. What are the market size assessment techniques described in class?

52. What are the different options for market entry (export, contractual and investment, and their subcategories)? What are the pros and cons of each?

Reference no: EM131051599

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