How should it be given-publicly or privately

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Case Study I - Improving Collections at Atlas Corporation

Provide your rationale for the following questions:

1. What do you think is a realistic goal for Atlas to set to reduce outstanding amounts each month? This can be in dollars or a percentage of the total amount currently due.

2. Should this be an individual-based incentive, a team-based incentive, or a combination? How would you design it?

3. When should the incentive/reward be given-monthly, quarterly or annually?

4. How should it be given-publicly or privately?

5. What should the reward(s) or incentive(s) be? Who should determine what they will be and how they will be distributed?

Case Study II - Competitive Strategy at Sportsman Shoes


1. Following Sportsman's shift in competitive strategy, what are some considerations for the company's human resource management practices?

2. What kind of challenges will Sportsman face specifically in the area of compensation?

Reference no: EM13961876

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You introduce yourself to Mrs. Palmer and her husband. Mrs. Palmer says that she has had hypertension ‘for years' but that she didn't really like to take medication.

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Market distribution is divided between the private DEP truck fleet and common carriers. Diagram the DEP/GARD supply chain. What stages are adding value? What stages are not?

Review the anthony orchard case study in unit resources

Explain how purchase of the apple press might affect the company''s revenue goals. Based on this information, explain whether Anthony''s Orchard should invest in the apple pre


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